Gerber’s AccuMark® 3D Platform Supports The Development Cycle From Creative Design To eCommerce

TOLLAND, CONN. — May 3, 2018 — Three-dimensional design has been a buzz phrase in the fashion industry for years but hasn’t shown its impact until now. “The pace of changing consumer trends has completely disrupted the traditional fashion development cycle,” said Mary McFadden, executive director of CAD, Gerber Technology. “Converting data into speed and reducing the time associated with physical processes can now be realized with AccuMark 3D and its ability to streamline product development to decrease time to market.”

AccuMark 3D offers an end-to-end solution from creative design to technical pattern design throughout product and merchandising management. It delivers distinct value to each step from concept to consumer.

Creative Teams – Leveraging AccuMark 3D, add-on tools such as Blender, or partners such as Virtuality.Fashion, creative designers can see 3D prototypes to verify and validate design ideas with photorealistic imagery to decide which designs will proceed into technical design. They can also use highly photorealistic renderings for merchandising or marketing purposes.

Pattern Makers, Technical Designers and Production Teams – see the 3D image and the 2D patterns to ensure the garment can be made technically correct and passed through to production for a seamless workflow. With the integration of the Avametric fabric simulation engine, teams can see the most realistic representation of fabric thickness and draping on the market. AccuMark 3D also has a new library of avatars that includes extended sizes for women up to U.S. size 24 and men up to U.S. size 58.

“Just having pretty 3D images that stand alone does not support the agile supply chain we need,” said Ingrid Heijnen, manager of atelier at G-Star Raw.  “We want to reduce our physical samples. AccuMark gives us the possibility to virtually simulate our garments while ensuring these simulations can be made in real production through seamless integration of 2D patterns with the 3D simulations. We chose AccuMark because we have a shared vision of innovation on how 3D will transform processes in our industry.”

Merchandising Teams – can display garments online with their e-Commerce sites. Through Gerber’s partnership with Avametric, they can utilize virtual try on leading to measurably higher shopper conversion rates. 3D simulations can now also be represented in augmented reality via the Avametric app, which supports both a more interactive design process and also empowers end consumers to experience fashion in their personal environment.

“Enabling the entire supply chain to see a garment in 3D as it is created fuels the creative process and solves the need for multiple samples, helping companies to reduce costs and environmental impact,” continued McFadden. “AccuMark 3D is the critical element in helping each step in product development, from idea to reality, come to life digitally.”

AccuMark 3D is part of the AccuMark Platform which includes a family of products designed to help companies unleash creative vision and grow their businesses successfully in today’s on-demand world. The AccuMark Platform is the industry leading software system for intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning. It helps increase productivity and accelerate time to market.

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Posted May 3, 2018

Source: Gerber Technology