Thorlo Launches Lightest Running Sock For The Modern Day Runner

STATESVILLE, N.C. — March 12, 2018 — Today, Thorlo Inc. launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new Experia® ProLite running sock, which is 30-percent lighter than leading ultra-light running socks. Thorlo has been a leader in the sock industry since the 1980s, but the new Experia ProLite running sock represents the evolution in Thorlo’s engagement with the next generation of athletes.

“We partnered with Next Fiber Technology to offer something completely new and exciting through crowdfunding,” said Thorlo’s Founder Jim Throneburg. “We took our original form-fitting, ultra-light sock frame and made it better by minimizing the ball and heel cushioning to a little more than 0.3 cm. by using a yarn technology called NanoGLIDE®, which is provided by Next Fiber Technology. The result is a cushion platform for your foot that virtually eliminates the chance of gait-changing chafing, moisture build-up and blisters. Launching this new and innovative product through crowdfunding will introduce the Thorlos® brand to a new generation of runners who deserve to achieve their personal best.”

While this NanoGLIDE technology is engineered to reduce friction, increase durability, wick sweat and dry quickly to aid in the prevention of blisters and hot spots, the padding density in Experia ProLite varies strategically throughout the sock to optimize performance requirements for serious runners. Together, these technologies create the highest performance, bio-environment for a runner’s foot.

The running socks also feature the Thorlos famous heel and ball padding that absorbs shock and reduces pressure and impact, preventing sore feet following a run. Ventilation panels are strategically placed throughout each Experia ProLite sock to help maintain air circulation and move moisture around the foot to keep the feet cool, but never wet.

The new Experia ProLite socks are currently available on Kickstarter in a variety of colors at a discounted price starting at $8, which is 50 percent off, for one pair. For more information about Experia® ProLite, visit the Kickstarter campaign page at

Posted March 13, 2018

Source: Thorlo