Stoll, Myant Collaborate On Smart Textiles

Germany-based H. Stoll AG & Co. KG has announced a collaboration with Toronto-based Myant Inc., an innovation company with a focus on designing, developing and producing connected textile-based products using printed technologies and fiber science. The partnership aims to populate functional computing textile manufacturing in the United States and Canada with 500 state-of-the-art Stoll knitting machines to advance the research, development and engineering of functional computing textiles.

“Our collaboration with Myant represents a completely new approach to smart textiles,” said Andreas Schellhammer, CEO, Stoll. “The demand for smart fabrics has never been higher as companies race to create garments, wearables, industrial, defense, healthcare and household items to connect humans to the Internet of Things. Myant is leading the creation of a new economy in functional computing textiles with Stoll machines. They have the vision and the right interdisciplinary team to make this a global revolution.”

“Myant and Stoll are taking a big step to democratize manufacturing and resuscitate a ‘making’ culture in Canada and the U.S.,” said Tony Chahine, CEO and founder, Myant. “Our goal is to reduce the barriers to entry in textile innovation and production and promote collaboration between scientists, doctors, engineers, designers, students, and anyone with a creative idea. I believe that true innovation is only possible when the inventor can actually make the invention. The Stoll machines will have a massive impact on commercialization in the smart textile industry, which is in need of disruption, and will help to speed up the prototyping to production cycle.”

January/February 2018