Soles By MICHELIN: Advanced Ground Control

HONG KONG, China — January 26, 2018 — Innovation, technology and research have been the pillars of Michelin for more than 250 years, to which is added an experience in ground contact that is unique in the world. This know-how, following the same principle that guides the production of tires is also shared by Michelin Technical Soles, which develops solutions applicable to the world of soles for optimum performance on all types of terrain. Many leading brands in Motorsports, Outdoors, Active Sports, Winter Sports, Indoor Sports, Running, Trend Sports, Nature Sports, Water Sports and Work & Safety, have entrusted Michelin Technical Soles with the creation of custom footwear for their target consumers.

Thanks to the ability to bring reliable innovation and performance to the footwear market, everyday Michelin is chosen as a strategic partner by new brands — today there are 60 — for the creation of top collections. Michelin’s strong point is the ability to analyze the behavior of a tire in ground contact, whatever the terrain. The real challenge is transferring skills from the world of tires to the footwear sector.

The most advanced solution for the production of lighter and thinner outsoles, thus reducing the footwear’s total weight, is achieved through a high temperature compression molding process of textile fibers on to the rubber, creating a light tread, and a thin, flexible and stable base, that does not affect the performance, but rather improves the interaction and adaptability to different types of ground surface. Ride, historical Michelin partner and one of the first to have believed in the French company’s soles, decided to adopt this knowhow for two new snowboard boots: Karmyn and Deadbolt. The ‘fiber lite’ sole with which the two models are equipped is the ideal solution in terms of lightness and flexibility, able to best accompany the movement of the foot on the board. Inspired by two mountain bike tyres, it features solid lugs and reinforcements that increase traction and grip. Tread design gives excellent stability and abrasion resistance.

A solution which delivers traction on ice and on hard snow routes, whilst maintaining the same performance on different terrain types even after long use, is obtained thanks to a specific balance between the viscoelastic properties of rubber and the mechanical behavior on the ground generated by the profile of the sole, comparable to the tread of the tire. The 100-percent rubber compound maintains flexibility at medium and lower temperatures, allowing the natural flexing of the foot during walking. Columbia was the first producer of technical footwear to believe in the new solution, implementing it in two lines of the collection currently on the market and products that have been confirmed for the next winter season including a new ankle boot which will deliver total control and safely face the difficult conditions of winter. Perfect grip, flexibility and abrasion resistance are assured by the sole made with ‘ice control’ solution, which maintains a high level of performance to -30°C.

Posted January 26, 2018

Source: Michelin Technical Soles