Lydia’s Uniforms Announces 3-Company Integration

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — January 4, 2018 — Lydia’s Uniforms announces plans to integrate with two other major providers, both long-time sister companies, in an effort to create a one-stop shop for a variety of uniform needs.

Beginning in January, customers of Tafford Uniforms ( and Uniform Warehouse ( will be redirected to Lydia’s Uniforms ( Despite the new website address, customers can largely expect their shopping experience to remain unchanged. The new site will continue to offer Tafford Uniform’s branded line of nursing scrubs as well as the product catalog from Uniform Warehouse.

“This move is about helping us strengthen the brand and better respond to the demands of the market. By joining forces, we can put more resources behind our ‘scrubs experts,’ ‘uniforms experts,’ and our embroidery programs. Customers can also expect an overall improved website shopping experience,” said Senior Vice President of Merchandising Lynn Higgins.

The newly expanded Lydia’s Uniforms site will feature nursing scrubs, medical accessories, shoes, chef’s wear, corporate apparel, and accessories.

Customers can continue to expect the same high-quality products and customer service that all three brands are associated with, including: support from the Lydia’s team of Scrub Experts, who will continue to provide expert recommendations for shoppers, embroidery options, a fully shoppable digital catalog, and the Lydia’s Uniform’s 110% price match guarantee. Additionally, existing Uniform Warehouse and Tafford customers will have their personal accounts and wish lists automatically transferred over to the new Lydia’s site. Bulk and large-group programs will be available for businesses looking to outfit their workforce at scale.

The redirect of customers will happen automatically with no additional effort needed on the part of the customer. This redirect will begin on or about January 8, 2018.

Posted January 4, 2018

Source: Lydia’s Uniforms