Fiberactive Organics Introduces Sewpure™ Organic Cotton Thread

APEX, N.C. — January 10, 2018 — Fiberactive Organics LLC continues its nearly 20-year history in organic cotton thread manufacturing and distribution, and has announced today the official product launch of, Sewpure™, the strongest GOTS certified, organic cotton thread on the market in multi-purpose, Tex 40 and heavy-duty, Tex 70.  Fiberactive Organics has made it its business to bring essential organic cotton sewing products to the world, and Sewpure is the next step in that legacy.

“Sewpure is specifically designed for customers that have had to turn away from using organic cotton thread because of strength issues,” said founder and company spokesman, Julie Moore. Both weights of Sewpure are 3-ply for durability, and are made of certified organic cotton grown and spun in India.  Sewpure Tex 40 is strong enough for sportswear and home decor projects while being thin enough for use in overlock, zig-zag, and domestic sewing machines; the Tex 70 is strong and durable enough for jeans, outerwear, duffle bags other canvas products.

Fiberactive’s natural-colored Sewpure is completely untreated, “Nothing has been done to the cotton beyond washing,” says Moore, “It’s perfect for manufacturers doing piece dyeing.” And for those who are looking for colored organic thread, Fiberactive will start the Sewpure brand with a short range of earthy hues and will expand the palette on demand. They also have the capability to produce custom colors from Pantone numbers or DTM swatches.  Always in support of new designers and eco-entrepreneurs, Fiberactive Organics offers Sewpure at a comfortable price and keeps their minimum order quantities low.

Fiberactive Organics has been on the cutting edge of organic cotton sewing products for many years.  In 2007, along with South Carolina’s YLI Corp., Fiberactive Organics brought to market their first organic cotton thread, Fiberactive Natural, a Tex 30 natural colored, organic cotton thread spun in Peru. Fiberactive then became the North American distributor of Scanfil, a Tex 35 organic cotton thread spun in the Netherlands and finished in 34 colors.

Sewpure, the latest in Fiberactive’s family of organic cotton thread, is more robust than their other brands.  “Sewpure fills a huge gap in what we could offer the sewing market.” Moore said.

In order to implement Fiberactive’s core values, to protect the earth and provide good conditions for textile workers and their families, Sewpure is put up on recyclable plastic cones and recycled content cardboard tubes, and is packaged in compostable, vegetable-based plastic. “It’s not enough to make organic cotton thread. If we’re generating plastic trash and greenhouse gasses in order to bring that thread to our customers we’re not doing the whole job. Being sustainable involves every part of every product, and how it’s made, and how it’s shipped.”

The world is looking for products and brands that are environmentally and socially responsible from start to finish, Fiberactive is developing organic cotton sewing materials that are just that. Sustainability is not a goal, at Fiberactive it is the foundation of the company. Enabling garment and home products manufacturers to make their products completely organically has been the company’s focus for the past 15 years. Sewpure is the fulfillment of long-held goals and the beginning of a new chapter for a company that is deeply rooted in the earth.

Posted January 10, 2018

Source: Fiberactive Organics