Gerber Technology Partners With Fashion Enter’s Factory And Training Academy, London

TOLLAND, Conn. — October 23, 2017 — Gerber Technology is pleased to announce a partnership with Fashion Enter/FashionCapital, London, by supporting both their commercial factory and training academy. “We are very pleased about the integration of our AccuMark® software and digitizing solution into the curriculum of Fashion Enter and look forward to a successful partnership”, said Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh, marketing and communications director, EMEA for Gerber Technology.

Gerber’s mission is to make it easy for any one in the world using textiles, leather, composites or other flexible materials to go from concept to market quickly and seamlessly. “We have been empowering educators with technology to help prepare the next generation of fashion leaders for nearly 50 years,” said Heinen-Foudeh. “The success of the industry relies on students graduating with knowledge of how technologies like PLM, CAD and smart machines used in manufacturing are all connected and essential to the work flow and Fashion Enter/FashionCapital is the ideal partner to support our mission.”

“Over the last six months, we have expanded our Fashion Studio service by 28 new accounts including Huntsman and Gormley and Gamble,” Jenny Holloway, founder of the social enterprise Fashion Enter said. “The pattern cutting team headed by Lauren Loftus and supported by an excellent six-person team of pattern queens is flying. The experienced members of our team including Lauren and Debbie Smith have a strong knowledge of Gerber’s AccuMark software. I put my faith in their experience and knew it was best to listen to the experts! We have therefore invested into the latest Gerber CAD system to ensure that the accuracy of detail is embedded into our pattern and grading services.”

Gerber Technology has developed partnerships with over 1,400 colleges, universities, technical and fashion schools across the world, providing them with solutions and expertise to help the teachers prepare students with the skills they require in today’s competitive fashion workplace.

Posted October 23, 2017

Source: Gerber Technology