Cupro: The Circular Economy Fiber Selected By Drykorn

JAPAN — October 11, 2017 — The Asahi Kasei Cupro was born in Japan in 1931, and today, Asahi Kasei is the sole maker of this one-of-a-kind extraordinary, new generation, natural smart material whose elegant beauty and touch is perfect for the modern wardrobe fashions of today.

Cupro is a matchless and original, new generation material made from the smart-tech transformation of a cotton linter, bio-utility waste, converted through a traceable and transparent process, representing a perfect circular economy fiber model since the beginning of its production. An Innovhub 3rd party lab test proves Cupro can claim a fully biodegradable end of life option, and to add an extra layer to its smart credentials, Cupro has just received the GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard) which dovetails with the completed, recent LCA study, signed by ICEA*, securing a quality profile for Cupro. Taken together, they redefine its responsible status today, while paving the way to measure and confirm the smart improvement possibilities for the future.

Cupro owns the contemporary Sari and ethnic selections in the Modern India Wardrobe and also with leading brand partner style adoptions as Drykorn.

Founded in 1996, southern Germany, Drykorn developed into an international fashion label just within a few seasons, mainly because of its selected garments, high-value manufacturing and consistent fashionable statements. Drykorn is internationally distributed and serves more than 1000 customer worldwide. Fabrics are mainly ordered in Italy and France. Furthermore, Drykorn selected Cupro fabric by Viscotex for its Women Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Within a collection, the concept line On the Road embodies the concise style of the 90’s. Activewear meets streetwear — in a cool and casual way.

Posted October 11, 2017

Source: Asahi Kasei Cupro