Rakuten Fits Me Launches Retail Industry’s First Sizing Search Tool; Allows Consumers To Shop And Purchase With Greater Confidence And Satisfaction

SAN MATEO, Calif. — September 13, 2017 — Rakuten Fits Me, a provider of fit recommendation technology, announced today the release of Fit Match — the first fashion and apparel search tool that enables retailers to recommend and display fashion that directly matches a shopper’s unique style and individual body size. The tool is the latest enhancement to Rakuten Fits Me’s Fit Origin fit recommendation technology that arms consumers with sizing accuracy and confidence when shopping online.

As rising consumer expectations reshape the online shopping experience retailers are under increased pressure to deliver personalized shopping capabilities. Rakuten Fits Me’s Fit Match search capability enables merchants to drive greater personalization in the way they engage, promote and sell online. The tool is automatically accessible through the Fit Origin platform that delivers personalized and accurate shopper sizing through a proprietary algorithm that uses global consumer data from over 30 million profiles, garment type data, attribute mapping and data science algorithms.

Once a consumer establishes a Fit Origin profile with a retailer, the Fit Match search tool leverages Fit Origin technology to make garment recommendations. As shoppers search they are shown in-stock products sized according to their unique Fit Origin profile. The tool allows users to toggle between product sizes to assess fit impact across different body areas, allowing for self-tailoring and complete control over personal fit preferences. The tool also features refined search filters that narrow down recommended products by product type, brand and color.

Along with the benefits of highly personalized shopping capabilities, retailers — including Rhone, QVC, Taylrd and others, invest in Rakuten Fits Me’s Fit Origin technology and the Fit Match search tool to increase sales conversion; lower transaction value; reduce product returns; and increase bottom line profits. Rakuten Fits Me CEO Vicky Zadeh stated, “As e-commerce continues to fuel global retail growth it is critical for merchants to stay ahead of evolving consumer expectations. Shopping is the biggest performance driver for retailers, and specific to fashion and apparel, the ability to deliver products with accurate fit — which reduces return costs — sits as the most critical revenue driver. Our goal with Fit Origin and Fit Match is to arm retailers with innovative and powerful technologies that exceed consumer demand and drive profitable business value.”

With Rakuten Fits Me’s focus on the U.S. market, the company is fundamentally changing how U.S. brands sell clothing and footwear to online consumers.  Fit Origin is key in allowing shoppers to better understand what apparel fits and suits them before they make purchase decisions, ensuring what they purchase – no matter what retailer or brand, accurately meets their personal shopping desires and expectations. In addition, Rakuten Fits Me’s technology provides invaluable insights that allow brands to understand customers without exception, dramatically reduce product returns, and truly enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. To learn more about Rakuten Fits Me and its suite of size and fit technology visit Rakuten Fits Me.

Posted September 13, 2017

Source: Rakuten Fits Me