Lenzing’s Carved In Blue Blog To Launch Online Denim Retail Shop At New York Denim Days

NEW YORK CITY — September 25, 2017 — A quarter century ago, a new chapter in denim was opened when TENCEL® fibers were first added to blue jeans — providing a softness to fabrics that denim wearers today cannot do without. Twenty-five years later, thanks to the Tencel fiber’s smoothness and strength as well as its   award winning sustainable production, Tencel branded lyocell fibers are more essential than ever to the evolution of denim making.

Lenzing recognizes that today’s customer wants to know the story behind what they buy, especially when it comes to the clothes they wear. Lenzing, through its blog Carved in Blue, has chronicled the advancements, challenges, and people within the denim business.  The blog covers manufacturing, marketing, fashion trends, and sustainability while at the same time fostering an industry community among denim makers, brands, retailers, and consumers.

On September 18th, Carved in Blue deepens those connections with the launch of an online retail shop, connecting denim aficionados to the leading denim brands using Tencel fibers to beautifully and sustainably construct their apparel offerings.

At New York Denim Days from September 30 through October 1, the Carved in Blue denim shop will also have a retail presence at The Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street, New York City, 10011), featuring Bella Dahl, DL1961, Hudson, NYDJ, Mara Hoffman, Mavi, and Warp & Weft among other brands employing Tencel branded lyocell fibers. The pop-up will have garments on display for customers to try on and purchase online.

“We are pleased to be part of the launch of the Carved in Blue Denim Shop at NY Denim Days.  We have been using Tencel fibers in our denim for many years and find customers respond to the smooth, soft shape it provides,” says Sarah Ahmed, creative director of DL 1961. “ There are so many ways to reach the consumer today and the use of social media and blogs is key.”

“With the success of the Carved in Blue blog, our obvious next step was to offer our readers a place to connect with the brands using our Tencel fibers,” said Tricia Carey, Lenzing Business Development Director, Denim in New York. “Consumers started to ask us, ‘Where can I buy denim with Tencel fibers?’ so we realized it was time to make it easy for consumers to purchase.  We now can seamlessly tell the stories behind the designers, brands, and products while making it simple for any consumer to purchase denim with Tencel fibers.”

Posted September 26, 2017

Source: Lenzing