University Of Oregon Scientists Announce Major Advancement In Laundry Science

EUGENE, Ore. — May 24, 2017 —  Today, scientists from Defunkify, a technology spinout of the University of Oregon, announced the release of the company’s Active Wash detergent, the first detergent designed specifically to remove odor from modern fabrics.

“You wouldn’t wear your grandmother’s yoga pants, so why are you still using her detergent?” said Richard Geiger, CEO of Defunkify. “As modern fabrics have advanced, laundry detergent hasn’t kept up. Consumers used to have a choice: a green detergent that didn’t remove stains and odor or a traditional detergent that isn’t green. With Active Wash, consumers now have both in a single product.”

Defunkify Active Wash penetrates deep between fibers to remove dirt, oils and soap-scum that build up over time. By removing the source of the odor, Active Wash restores garments to their original condition. Active Wash can be used in warm or cold water and on synthetics or natural fibers including wool and cotton.

“Active Wash washes the funk out of clothes better than anything else, using environmentally-friendly, sustainable ingredients,” said Geiger.

Posted May 24, 2017

Source: Defunkify