timeSSD The Standard Time Data System With Integrated Social Manufacturing Features

FRANKFURT — May 9, 2017 — www.timeSSD.com today is live based on a collaborative platform concept. After five months from the acquisition of the SSD (Standard Sewing Data) software rights from AJ Consultants/Finland the complete redeveloped software entered in a public evaluation process. timeSSD has all the standard data elements sets with the predetermined time values from SSD, include the MTM-2 database and now is available for everyone as a more cost effective, intuitive web based service, extended with social manufacturing features.

DataS develops garment industry dedicated software solutions to increase the operating and manufacturing performance. timeSSD provide the “must to have” benchmark data for the efficiency control and incentive payroll in labor intensive industries, especially in garment manufacturing. However, is a collaborative platform where the user develops private working methods and workflows and has the possibility to share them with the selected partners.

Laszlo Szabo, managing director of DataS said: “ A shared workflow, based on standard methods, between the client and the manufacturer mean more than transparency and confidence. The manufacturing price discussion could be limited to the price / minute factor, maybe on necessary equipment, in addition. Likewise, the web based collaborative concept equip the manufacturing consultants with their indispensable tool, available anywhere and anytime, as a service. “

timeSSD has a native connection with the General Production Data (GPD) shop floor control and materials requirement planning software solution, developed by DataS. The GPD’s QR code based, real-time, data collection from the shop floor provide the data sets for the self- measurement based time studies as feed-back for the method engineers.

Posted May 11, 2017

Source: DataS