Clothing Brand That Donates 49 Percent Of Profits To Abused Dogs Trademarks Its Slogan — Size Does Not Matter, Fit Does

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — April 5, 2017 — Antonio Stefano, the clothing brand that launched with world-class designs of handmade Italian silk ties has come up with a slogan that is sure to be remembered worldwide. Although trying to raise money for dogs, the brand is striving to be a very innovative and cutting-edge brand, catering to the needs of the consumer. Both tall and short men have issues with neckties. As a response to that need, Antonio Stefano has created each of its 20 designs in three sizes: the standard 58”, 3 inches shorter, and 6 inches longer. The sizes are appropriately labeled: tall, taller, and tallest. That problem is now solved.

Both tall and short men have struggled for years with ties that don’t fit just right. If a tie does not fit right states Stefano Riznyk, the chief creative director, you are better off without one. For a person who is short, the best option is to cut three inches off the tail of the tie and have it resewn by a tailor, which will add about $10-$15.00 to the cost of the tie.

For a tall person, the problem is insurmountable as the tail is so short that it does not fit behind the label or keeper loop, that are meant to keep it in place. As a result, the tail dangles and looks very unkept. The problem that both short and tall men endure, is that there are few designs to choose from in their size range and they are stuck with whatever is out there.Antonio Stefano is one of the few firms that offers every single design in 3 sizes, so men are no longer stuck with whatever they can find. The dazzling designs by Antonio Stefano are world-class and made completely by hand with Italian artisans in Lake Come, 30 minutes outside of Milan.

Although their trademark can be considered edgy, it will be easily remembered. At the end of the day, regardless of how you dress or what you do, fit will always make the difference over size!

Posted April 5, 2017

Source: Antonio Stefano