EURATEX: Concrete Steps For A Global Sustainable Garment Value Chains

BRUSSELS — April 27, 2017 — EURATEX welcomes the European Commission new working document and the efforts of the European Parliament for global sustainable garment value chains and looks forward to supporting the achievement of concrete results in the next steps.

April 26, Commissioner Mimica intervened at a Rana Plaza commemoration event and presented the working document Sustainable garment value chain through EU development action which outlines the European Union response for more sustainable textile and clothing value chain within development policy. The commissioner focused on intervention areas for financial support, promotion of best practices and awareness raising among the consumers.

Today, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted a new Report on the EU Flagship initiative on the garment sector calling the European Commission to take action across all aspects of sustainability, social, environmental and financial, while stressing human-rights issues. The vote marks the conclusion of a long research in which the MEPs invested efforts to dig in the complexity of the global garment value chain and to investigate options to boost fair and responsible business practices globally.

Moving on to the next steps, EURATEX believes the efforts shall focus on building upon the achievements of successful voluntary initiatives and refraining from creations of new mandatory due diligence ruling.

Tackling a global issue, we welcome the Commission and the Parliament acknowledgements of the need to act globally and to align with ILO standards and the last OECD due diligence guidance which was presented last February.

Fair and effective solutions can only be produced by collaboration with all parties; we therefore wish to stress the need to seize the momentum for institutions, industry and society to work on: i) building up on the achievements from successful voluntary initiatives, ii) refrain from creating new mandatory ruling, iii) consider diversity along the value chain, especially the features of the European industry and its SMEs and iv) facilitate transparency and information for the consumers, to ultimately help people choosing sustainable products.

EURATEX reiterates its commitment to constructively work together for fair policy proposals which can deliver results on the ground and make a difference.

Posted April 27, 2017