Needles In OEM Quality For Single Cylinder Sock Machines

SCHRAMBERG, Germany — March 22, 2017 — Modern single cylinder hosiery machines are able to produce socks in excellent quality and with high production rates. The quality of the knitted product depends heavily on the quality of the used needles. Kern-Liebers Textile offers high quality needles for virtually all machines, which are used for the production of socks. For example needles from Kern-Liebers meet the OEM specifications of the global market leader Lonati. They fulfill highest demands in terms of quality, are highly flexible, and have perfect surface integrity and rounding. The high quality of the needles results in a trouble-free operation of the hosiery machine.

In addition Kern-Liebers also offers a comprehensive product range of machine parts, e.g. sinkers, transfer jacks, selectors, cylinder bars, and various others. Some of the parts are partially hardened in areas, which are subject to heavy strain, for example the butt of selectors. Many years of experience in stamping technology enables the company to produce technically demanding parts, for example sophisticated transfer jack forms. Most of the parts have been developed in close co-operation with leading machine manufacturers.

With its huge range of products KKern-Liebers is one of the leading suppliers for the textile industry. Customers are machine manufacturers as well as textile manufacturers. Worldwide sales and support is guaranteed through the international network of subsidiaries and representations in over 80 countries covering all major textile markets around the globe.

Kern-Liebers offers a comprehensive portfolio of needles and sinkers for single cylinder sock machines. The needles and machine parts meet Lonati’s OEM specifications.

Posted March 22, 2017