Wrangler® Reaches Water-Savings Milestone

Greensboro, N.C.-based Wrangler® reports it has saved 3 billion liters of water over the past 10 years at its facilities. This total equates to the annual water needs of more than 21,000 U.S. households. Wrangler was able to achieve the savings by combining steps during the traditionally water-intensive denim manufacturing process. According to the company, its improved wash down process along with additional water recycling resulted in significant water conservation. Wrangler also announced a goal to reduce water usage by 20 percent as soon as 2020.

“Our company has a responsibility to play a leading role in moving our industry toward sustainable practices,” said Roian Atwood, director of sustainability for Wrangler. “Reducing billions of liters of water usage represents one small part of our efforts to minimize our environmental impact.”

January/February 2017