Sustainable And Fair Designer Brand Studio JUX Named To Alvanon’s Mentorship Program

NEW YORK CITY — December 12, 2016 — Alvanon has named sustainable, high-fashion label Studio JUX to its prestigious Dr. Kenneth Wang Mentorship Program. The announcement was made by Alvanon’s CEO Janice Wang.

The Dr. Kenneth Wang Mentorship Program was established in September 2011 by Alvanon to mentor emerging brands and design talent. It awards the winner a two-year mentorship with Alvanon’s leading industry apparel experts to help pave a sustainable path to success. The program is named after Kenneth Wang, who founded Alvanon in 2001.

Under the program, Alvanon will strengthen Studio JUX’s existing business competence with statistical sizing data, technical design tools and training in key areas of the art and science of fashion, including production, supply chain issues, fit, marketing and sales.

Studio JUX was founded by Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink in 2008 with the belief that fashion should be fun and enjoyable for everyone: for the designers, the people working in factories and customers wearing and using the product. The sustainable, high-fashion label for men and women offers an alternative to fast fashion, focused on maximizing social economic impact while its minimizing environmental footprint. With fair-trade principles at the forefront of JUX’s brand identity, each garment is finely crafted by Nepali tailors under fair labor conditions, monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation. With the slogan ‘MY NEPALI TAILOR IS A ROCKSTAR,’ the Handshake program allows customers to “meet” the makers of their garments via virtual profiles on the label’s website.

“Studio JUX is a perfect candidate for our mentoring program,” Wang says. “As an industry, we have to develop new business models and solutions that can solve the massive challenges we face. Sustainability – and responsible innovation – are already at the core of the very way they think, act and work. Profits from their thoughtful business plan will be invested in programs in those same communities where the factories are located.  These will provide skills training, personal development programs and apprenticeships that help get people into skilled work in the textile and garment industry.”

Lundgren notes that her business will benefit from Alvanon’s mentoring in several ways.

“Alvanon has an incredible wealth of knowledge, scientific data and experience,” she says, “and it’s not limited to design or production. Their expertise covers virtually every aspect of the business of fashion. As a social enterprise, it’s our mission to successfully run a sustainable ethical fashion and lifestyle brand. To us ‘success’ means growth for everyone involved in the value chain: our employees, key suppliers, customers, lenders and shareholders. It’s in our DNA and Alvanon’s mentoring will help us prove that growth and sustainability are not opposing ideas.”

Katinka van Beveren, Alvanon’s lead consultant, added: “We are so proud to have partnered with Studio JUX. As an industry, we need to develop new ways of thinking in order to lead the push towards a more sustainable economy. Studio JUX has the potential to be such an innovator, working proactively to address critical environmental, social and ethical challenges on a global scale.”

Studio JUX is manufactured in its own factory by women empowerment projects and social enterprises based in Kathmandu Nepal.  The Studio JUX collection is available in 16 countries at 80 outlets, in its retail store in Amsterdam and online at

Posted December 12, 2016

Source: Alvanon