Superior Glove Selects Simparel Enterprise To Scale With Strong Growth

NEW YORK CITY — November 10, 2016 — Simparel Inc. has announced that Superior Glove Works Ltd. has selected the all-in-one Simparel® Enterprise solution to replace multiple systems across its global business operations. In addition to integrating all processes and teams onto a single IT platform, the new system promises to help the manufacturer of cut-resistant and other industrial gloves scale with and better manage the double-digit growth it is experiencing.

“With continued strong growth, we recognized that relying on outdated and self-customized systems was no longer a sustainable structure for our business,” explained Superior Glove Marketing and Communications Manager Julie McFater. “We decided to replace our current systems as well as the spreadsheets we rely on to manage many processes. Because Simparel brings all of these capabilities together in a single, industry-focused solution, we expect to eliminate duplication of efforts and gain the transparency we need into data and resources across our entire business. Knowing that we needed more than just technology, we are happy to have found our best-fit solution from a partner that also shares our priorities for customer support and business relationships.”

In phase one of the implementation, Superior Glove plans to replace all current order-to-cash capabilities in the new system. When fully implemented, Superior Glove will use the fully integrated solution across a wide range of departments and processes; including product development, sampling, purchasing, manufacturing, shop floor control, quality assurance, distribution, customer service, financial and marketing.

“The system evaluation highlighted for us the importance of the integrated PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) capabilities of Simparel,” continued McFater. “We see this when integrated with other system capabilities, driving improved communications and collaboration across our teams, supply chain, and customers. With the ease of use, access to information and process automation the system provides, we will greatly enhance our confidence and consistency in the data we need to make better-informed decisions.”

“We are pleased with the opportunity to play a supporting role in the success of Superior Glove,” noted Simparel Senior Vice President John Robinson. “Working with their team of professionals, we can easily understand how they are driving such impressive growth. We applaud their vision to empower their teams with the modern technology needed to succeed in today’s competitive environment.”

Posted November 10, 2016

Source: Simparel