Leatt Introduces 2017 Bicycling Range Featuring New Helmet Technology, Cycling Apparel

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — August 25, 2016 — Leatt Corp. — a global developer, marketer and distributor of personal protective equipment for all forms of sports, and whose products include the flagship Leatt-Brace® — announced today the introduction of its new 2017 Bicycling Range, expanding its existing product portfolio of protection gear, backpacks and gloves to include all-new helmets and, for the first time, a line of cycling apparel designed for a wider group of mountain bike riders.

“The new bicycling products represent the latest in Leatt’s strategic initiative to expand its product catalogue into larger consumer markets and new categories, while maintaining its reputation for technologically driven innovative design,” noted Sean Macdonald, CEO, Leatt Corp.

“Leatt is addressing a new group of consumers,” Macdonald said, ”We have made the transition in bicycling products, from the Gravity-MTB niche to a wider all-mountain target group, while sticking to our roots.  We continue to offer highly functional gear with lab-proven safety features and technical innovation, but to a much larger, more global market and consumer base.”

“We are building on our areas of strength, in particular on our helmet lines, which have been well received in the marketplace,” Macdonald added. “We believe that our ground-breaking 360° Turbine Technology incorporated in the 2017 Bicycling Helmet Range surpasses anything else on the market in terms of advanced design, comfort and protection.”

Two models of the DBX 3.0 helmet are available, an All-Mountain half shell and an Enduro version with a removable chin bar that allows riders to easily go from uphill to downhill riding in two clicks.  The new 2017 DBX Enduro and All-Mountain helmets incorporate ground-breaking 360° Turbine Technology set inside the helmet and is made of 3D molded Armourgel® which stiffens on impact. The turbines deform to absorb both vertical and rotational impact forces during a fall.  In Leatt Lab trials this technology reduces up to 30% of head impact at concussion level and up to 40% of rotational acceleration to the head and brain. The helmets are further equipped with 18 ventilation vents, a magnetic Fidlock® buckle, easy custom fitting with the turn of a dial, and an adjustable breakaway visor.

Leatt’s 2017 technical apparel line features various styles, including four styles of jerseys, three styles of shorts and two styles of jackets covering a wide range of price points. The 5.0 All Mountain Jersey range includes features such as tape-bonded seams for maximum comfort, quick dry Miharo material, a neck collar designed for use with and without a neck brace, a silicone lined jersey designed to grip the wearer’s shorts and zipper pockets with microfiber goggle wiper.

Leatt shorts have a strong 3D pre-curved fit, cycling specific seamless crotch, and are also available in waterproof hard-shell versions.  The new hard- and soft-shell jackets utilize tech-fabrics developed by Leatt, all constructed to be used with and without a neck brace.

The existing gloves and backpack collection has also been expanded for 2017. Overall four glove styles offer different levels of protection, utilizing over-injected Armourgel® panels. Unique to all of them is a Nanogrip® palm made of fibers that are 7,500 thinner than human hair. Nanogrip® is very breathable and robust like a kevlar-blend and eliminates the need for rubber prints, as it grips well, even when soaking wet.

An all-new Hydration Cargo 3.0 DBX backpack offers ten liters of storage room, an additional three liters’ bladder, a CE Level 2 back protector, and Leatt’s unique chest harness system for a solid fit.

Posted August 26, 2016

Source: Leatt Corp.