Browzwear, Wink Software To Unveil Social Product Development Platform At PI Apparel

NEW YORK CITY — June 24, 2016 — 3-D pioneer Browzwear and upstart Wink Software LLC will partner to demonstrate their powerful integration of a 3-D tool with an innovative view of effective workflow at the upcoming PI Apparel event on Jun 27-28 in New York. Wink Software will unveil its BeProduct™ Social Product Development (SPD) platform. This fresh new approach to leveraging cloud and social media technologies promises to improve the way fashion and consumer goods companies design and develop products by simplifying the user experience and enabling new levels of collaboration.

The latest innovation from longtime fashion systems developer and former Yunique Solutions Inc. founder Daniel Pak, BeProduct automates many of the time-consuming tasks and upkeep that limit the effectiveness of manual, spreadsheet, email and PLM-managed processes, while taking into consideration and applying the increasing use of 3-D tools in the industry.

Browzwear CEO Sharon Lim says “Product development driven by 3-D and then going back to 2-D data workflow for execution has been practiced by engineering companies for more than 2 decades, while in the fashion industry, product development is 2-D driven which leads to a fragmented product life cycle”.

This view is coherent with Pak who adds, “After spending years developing PDM and PLM capabilities, I saw an opportunity to apply smarter, more user-practical technologies to create a simpler and more productive product development platform. BeProduct does much of the work for designers and developers by automating tasks and providing more powerful search capabilities. We also wanted to help companies better leverage the power of their teams and extended business community through increased collaboration. We are pleased that those companies that are evaluating and adopting the platform confirm that BeProduct is the breakthrough that we envisioned.”

Examples of the highly intuitive BeProduct usability include social media sharing capabilities and Excel®-like information reporting capabilities. The solution automatically coordinates all available metadata associated with images, colors, locations, and other assets to improve search capabilities and results. The flexible platform comes with a wide range of productivity apps that can be used out-of-the-box or easily adapted by users to their specific needs. An online BeProduct App Marketplace is available to the user community where they can download and optionally share apps that they may build themselves. The cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform delivers advanced integration with Adobe® Illustrator® and Dropbox® and is compatible with most computers and mobile devices.

BeProduct will co-locate with Browzwear in the PI Apparel exhibit space to demonstrate its integration with Browzwear’s 3D design solutions.

Posted June 24, 2016

Source: Browzwear