Couture in Orbit: Sympatex Technologies Collaborates With The European Space Agency (ESA) And European Fashion Schools 

MUNICH/UNTERFOERING, Germany — May 10, 2016 —Sympatex Technologies is a sponsoring partner of the new international project Couture in Orbit. The ecological alternative among functional textile specialists is collaborating with the European Space Agency (ESA) in the first European Space Fashion project the organization has staged. The project is being sponsored by the ESA technology transfer programme (TTP), by Sympatex Technologies and further sponsors from the industry segment. They provide the students with innovative functional textiles and state-of-the-art space technologies that allow the up-and-coming designers taking part in the project to explore the future of fashion. The task of the young talents is to find inspiration in space technologies and missions and let it flow into their designs.

Each of the fashion schools has been given its own, unique theme — from technology and the environment to innovation, health and nutrition. The design students from the fashion schools taking part include 13 from the ESMOD Berlin. As ESA Project Coordinator Rosita Suenson explains, ‘We have set them the task of developing everyday fashion inspired by Alexander Gerst’s “Blue Dot” mission. At the same time, the topics of earth observation and climate change must also play a role. We think that the environmentally-friendly functional textiles from Sympatex are particularly appropriate to the theme of our project and are very pleased that we have managed to get Sympatex on board as a materials sponsor.’ Haymo Strubel, Director Apparel at Sympatex, adds: ‘We are equally happy to have had the opportunity to join the project as a partner. Sponsoring new talents with projects like ‘Couture in Orbit’ is an integral part of our mission statement.’

Fashion show in the Science Museum, London
Couture in Orbit is not intended to be a competition, its aim is to celebrate the inspirational aspect of space exploration. In addition to ESMOD Berlin, the other fashion schools taking part in the project are ESMOD Paris, the Fashion Design Akademiet Copenhagen, the Politecnico Milan and the Department of Fashion at Ravensbourne in London. A jury of experts will select several designs from each school that the students will then realize for the highlight of the project: A Couture in Orbit fashion show at the Science Museum in London that will take place on the evening of 25 May 2016 as a part of the museum’s ‘LATES’ programme. Every month, this open-night attracts up to 7,000 young people to the Science Museum, London.

Posted May 16, 2016

Source: Sympatex Technologies