Fit3D Uses Its 50,000 Body Scans With Over 400 Body Measurements Each To Make Retail Shopping Personal

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — March 3, 2016 — Fit3D Inc. announces that more than 52,000 3-D body scans and associated anthropometric and ergonomic body measurements have been taken by consumers using the Fit3D ProScanner.  A Fit3D user takes a scan on a Fit3D ProScanner every five minutes from one of the more than 275 systems located in 17 countries around the world. As Fit3D, Inc. continues to distribute its ProScanners globally, the amount of 3-D body scans captured using the Fit3D ProScanner grows at an exponential pace.

“A 3D body scan dataset of this size collected throughout the world is unprecedented,” said Greg Moore, Fit3D’s CEO.  Since the advent of 3-D printing and other 3-D manufacturing efficiencies, more and more products that come into contact with the human body are being customized. “As we have the improved ability to print things like human tissue, textile, and soft materials, the body is going to be the holy grail of customized products,” Greg further states, “the Fit3D body scan dataset is the missing input to this customized movement.”

The mass customization movement is already seeing roots in customized clothing from brands like Trumaker, J. Hilburn, and Knot Standard as well as customized orthotic companies like Wiivv.  Some of these companies are sending tailors to physically measure individuals and others are utilizing scanning technology to distribute their services more aggressively.  Fit3D sees a use for the 3-D body scan data in a multitude of markets associated with making customized products for the consumer.

Fit3D continues to expand and grow globally while continuing to aggregate services onto their platform. Fit3D users will be able to utilize their own body scans and measurements to have products built to their unique body.

Posted March 3,2016

Source: Fit3D, Inc.