Pointcarre And Browzwear Team To Speed Digital Fashion Product Creation

NEW YORK CITY — June 4, 2015 — Global fashion design technology companies Pointcarrè and Browzwear have teamed up to empower apparel, home, textile and related retailers, brands and manufacturers achieve new levels of speed and productivity in the design to production processes. By integrating the proven benefits of the Pointcarre textile design technologies with leading-edge Browzwear 3D fashion design capabilities, the companies are giving designers the tools they need to streamline design cycles, reduce sample costs, enhance sales presentations and increase product margins on both PC and Mac® computer platforms.
“We are experiencing growing demand from both current & potential clients for a vertical solution that spans the process from design to production,” explained Steve Greenberg, president, Pointcarre USA. With their history of leadership in 3D fashion technologies, Browzwear was the clear choice for a partner that could enable us to encompass textile development and 3D garment visualization in a seamless integration.”
Starting with textile design, the Pointcarre software enables designers to develop prints, repeats, knits and wovens all in a single application. Thanks to the recently completed integration, designers can then visualize these textile designs in Browzwear’s Lotta 3D as a true-to-life garment that is proportionally draped onto 3D scanned body avatars or virtual fit forms from Alvanon. Users can also iterate their design in Pointcarre and continue to visualize the results in Lotta until the desired results are achieved.
According to Darioush Nikpour, North American executive vice president, Browzwear, “This partnership will provide companies of all sizes the opportunity to leverage technology to gain market share, optimize margin and scale processes and technology. Moving to communicating product designs more visually and accurately with suppliers and buyers, using true-to-life, 3D digital garments, will enable other opportunities for collaboration, speed, sustainability, development, sales and marketing across the industry.”
The new partnership provides current Pointcarre and Browzwear clients with a proven, easy to use, and cost efficient solution for a vertical digital design solution.

Posted June 9, 2015

Source: Pointcarre