Sizzy Opens First Sizzy Center For 3-D Body Scanning

France-based Sizzy recently opened its first Sizzy Center in Paris. The start-up company offers private scanning cabins for customers to obtain accurate 3-D body measurements. The customer undresses in a private dressing room, steps into the scanner and starts the process unaided. Within a few minutes, a card with his or her body measurements is generated and the customer now has valuable information to help choose the right garment size especially when shopping online.

Sizzy selected the DITUS MC 3D body scanner and FOOTin 3D scanner from Germany-based Human Solutions GmbH for its center. “For Sizzy, the key factor was ease of use, because this would enable customers to take their own measurements — and the body scanner’s compact design and simple setup also convinced Sizzy,” said Dr. Helga Gäbel, 3D Body Scanner sales division, Human Solutions.

After opening additional sites in France, Sizzy plans to develop the concept throughout Europe as well as in the United States.

May/June 2015