Fineline Introduces RFID “As You Like It” Process To Optimize Fashion Merchandisers’ Branding

ATLANTA — March 9, 2015 — FineLine Technologies Inc. introduces RFID “As You Like It,” an innovative new process that enables fashion brands and retailers to quickly and easily order attractive branded hangtags with integrated RFID capability.
With RFID “As You Like It,” apparel companies can leverage RFID while enhancing their carefully cultivated brand image. They can break free from unsightly secondary RFID stickers and tickets — while realizing efficiencies and cost reductions in their supply chains.
Key benefits of FineLine RFID “As You Like It” include:

  • 48-hour turnaround times for production orders, anywhere in the world;
  • one-week turnaround on integrated tag samples;
  • no annual quantity or inventory commitments; and
  • lower costs compared with the combined expense of traditional branded hangtags and secondary RFID tickets or stickers.

FineLine’s RFID “As You Like It” process meets demand for an attractive, efficient and cost-effective alternative to today’s typical RFID tagging products and processes. With RFID “As You Like It,” apparel brands and retailers gain the benefits of RFID without compromising their brand image, cost competitiveness or supply chain efficiency. FineLine integrated RFID hangtags have an RFID chip embedded inside a stylish branded hangtag, which contains all of the usual pricing and sizing information. The hangtags eliminate the need for separate RFID stickers or tickets, which can cost from $70 to $100 per 1,000 units. Integrated RFID tags also reduce the extra labor required to attach multiple tags or stickers. They also minimize the risk for mismatches between the secondary RFID ticket or sticker and the primary UPC tag.
“With our new RFID ‘As You Like It’ process, we make it easy for fashion brands and retailers to integrate RFID into labels their designers, merchandisers and customers will love, with flexible sampling, ordering requirements and delivery terms they and their entire supply chain can enjoy,” said George Hoffman, CEO, FineLine Technologies.
FineLine can produce integrated RFID hangtags to virtually any brand specifications, including diverse hangtag sizes, color graphics and variable text. After a customer’s brand art is set up in FineLine’s systems, FineLine can ship flexible order quantities, including short runs, within 48 hours anywhere in the world. This service level is critical for fashion businesses that otherwise face long sampling cycle times, design limitations, high minimum order quantities and typical delivery windows of three to four weeks.
Integrated RFID hangtags can be leveraged in vendor source tagging programs, which reduce cycle time and optimize lower labor costs associated with product ticketing. Or they can be attached in distribution centers or retail stores.

Posted March 10, 2015

Source: FineLine Technologies