aden + anais Partners With The Woolmark Company To Release A Pure Merino Muslin Collection

SYDNEY, Australia — September 7, 2014 — Using materials certified by The Woolmark Company, US-based babywear brand aden + anais is taking luxury to the next level with their new Pure Merino Muslin collection.

A leader in the market and a company which prides itself on innovation, aden + anais has combined their award-winning muslin weave with pure Australian Merino wool to create a luxurious Merino muslin fabric, offering the ultimate in softness, breathability and temperature regulation.

Merino wool is naturally breathable, making it an efficient temperature regulator. It is soft and smooth on the skin, keeping children well-protected and comfortable all year round. It works by absorbing moisture vapour next to the skin to help children feel dry and less clammy. When the vapour moves away from the body and evaporates, it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature. Parents will also appreciate that Merino wool is naturally fire resistant. Every Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that resists dirt and helps prevent stains being absorbed; and, in true aden + anais easy-care fashion, each product is machine washable – making the Pure Merino Muslin collection a sensible choice.

As the leading custodian of wool quality standards, and by building the scientific credentials of wool, The Woolmark Company is working to ensure that only products of the highest standards and quality are provided for your loved ones.

Research studies have also revealed that sleeping on or under wool leads to a better night’s sleep, and that suitably selected fine Merino wool products are healthy for the skin, especially for those with the most sensitive skin.

“Over the years, we’ve grown to be recognised as the true innovators of muslin in the marketplace and I wanted to explore other fibres that would work with our signature muslin weave,” explains aden + anais co-founder and CEO Raegan Moya-Jones

“Merino wool just seemed like the perfect fit — it’s natural, breathable, and one of the loveliest fabrics I’ve ever felt.”

The aden + anais Pure Merino Muslin collection features a swaddle, sleeping bag, dream blanket™ and a security blanket. Each product comes in a sophisticated keepsake box with a picture frame built into the lid to house your favourite baby photos – the perfect way to preserve the luxury products and cherished memories from baby’s first years. These products also carry Woolmark Nurture certification, offering parents additional reassurance through strict testing which follows global industry standards. The diameter of the Merino wool fibre in certified Woolmark Nurture products has an upper limit for each product category to ensure the products are comfortable for babies. For instance, an aden + anais Merino muslin product is guaranteed to be made from Merino wool with a micron of 18.5 or finer, so will feel luxuriously soft against baby’s skin.

From September, the aden + anais Pure Merino Muslin collection will be available at international aden + anais stockists, as well as online at

“The Woolmark Company is delighted to be working with an international leader in innovation, function and design,” says The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry.

“Our global Mothers and Babies program works in three main areas — funding scientific research into Merino wool’s health benefits, innovative product development and creating awareness of the fibre’s benefits. The partnership and product development with aden + anais further illustrates that demand for Australian Merino wool is growing in the babywear market.”

Posted September 9, 2014

Source: The Woolmark Co.