GE’s EVent* Fabrics And Dishang Group Collaborate To Offer Total Sourcing And Manufacturing Solution For Apparel Customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — July 10, 2013 — GE announced today that Dishang Group — China’s largest garment
manufacturer and exporter of apparel and textiles — will bring complete solutions for creating
apparel for customers using GE’s (NYSE: GE) award-winning eVent fabrics. The Dishang Group has more
than 20 years of experience developing technical fabric and apparel solutions from concept to
completion, including sourcing, design and manufacturing.

“The Dishang Group can provide a total solution to customers using eVent fabrics,” said Phil
Roebuck of Dishang Group, who is charged with the collaboration with eVent fabrics. “We are pleased
to partner with such a high-profile brand as eVent fabrics and to be able to offer its premier air
permeable and waterproof technology to clients.”

At this summer’s trade shows, customers can learn more about the collaboration and see
concept jackets developed by the Dishang Group. The eVent fabrics team is exhibiting at the OutDoor
Show in Friedrichshaven, Germany (July 11-14, booth B4 202), and at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market
in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (July 31-August 3, booth MR 150B).

The Dishang Group will establish a production unit dedicated to the manufacturing of apparel
using eVent fabrics, and the new facility will be online by the end of 2013. The company will work
closely with clients on the comprehensive product development and manufacturing of apparel using
eVent fabrics, from creative concepts through quality control of finished garments. In addition,
Dishang will use its market and textile expertise to develop new fabrics and technologies in
cooperation with the eVent fabrics team.

“Collaborating with the Dishang Group gives current and new customers of eVent fabrics the
opportunity to create apparel from start to finish under the guidance, service and expertise of the
Dishang Group,” said Chad Kelly, global product manager for eVent fabrics. “This model will not
only simplify and streamline the product development process for our customers, but also provide a
channel for eVent fabrics to launch new film technologies and applications more rapidly.”

Posted July 30, 2013

Source: GE