Garmatex Technologies Inc. Announces The Expansion Of Its North American Operations

VANCOUVER, British Colombia — November 14, 2012 — Garmatex Technologies, Inc. (“Garmatex” or the
“Company”)  is an innovative leader in the research and development of scientifically
engineered, performance-inspired fabric technologies. After extensive field testing and
commercialization of the Company’s fiber and fabric technologies over the past seven years,
Garmatex is now ready to market these proven innovations to established global brands and
companies.  Garmatex has established operations in Vancouver, British Columbia and expanding
its North American reach through its presence in Los Angeles, California will allow Garmatex to tap
into the massive multi-billion apparel and textile market in the USA. Garmatex will deliver
unprecedented quality and value to major brands that are looking to secure their position as
leaders in offering innovative products.

Keith Gracey, Garmatex CEO and Chairman, states: “Our expansion in North America enhances our
capacity to develop and commercialize our products tailored to the specific needs of our clients,
as well as our strategic partners’ needs, while focusing on the branding of Garmatex through other
established and emerging brands.”

Garmatex will work directly with its strategic partners to establish additional revenue
streams based on their specific requirements. The Company will continue to identify and acquire
emerging apparel brands/partners and garment and performance wear technologies based on strong
intellectual properties and characteristics. This will enable Garmatex to expand the range of its
technologies and offerings worldwide.

Gracey says: “Our growth strategy includes partnering with like-minded companies who rely on
innovation in order to bring the world superior products which enhance the lives of the users. With
this expansion, we can now partner with some of the biggest name brands.”

Garmatex is currently selling its technologies and fabrics on three continents, with brands
marketing into the sports category (cycling, MMA, hockey and football), designer wear, military,
workwear (including police). The Company plans to expand soon into hospital wear.

The Company believes its newly introduced Kotinu® product could replace cotton and has the
potential to become the quintessential fabric for the textile industry due to its cotton-like
softness and super-fast wicking properties.

Posted on November 27, 2012

Source: Garmatex Technologies Inc./PRNewswire