Lectra Announces Sponsorship And Collaboration With Canada’s Apparel Connexion

MONTREAL — December 1, 2011 — Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated
to industries using soft materials — textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, and composite materials
— is pleased to announce their support and collaboration with Apparel Connexion (The Apparel Human
Resources Council (AHRC)), a national, industry-led, independent, non-profit organization
representing and serving the human resources development and adjustment needs of managers and
employees in apparel companies focusing on design, innovation, creativity, offshore production
industry of Canada.

Through this relationship Lectra will support and work closely with Apparel Connexion to
provide Canadian based apparel companies information and access to the latest technology for the
apparel manufacturing industry. The joint effort of the two organizations from Apparel Connexion’s
commitment to addressing a wide range of issues from training and development, education and
communications to enhancing the industry’s image, along with Lectra’s drive to help customers grow
their business through the use of advanced technology and services demonstrates a dedication to
supporting the future of the fashion and apparel industry within Canada. As more Canadian companies
continue to grow and advance their creation, development and production of apparel, Lectra and
Apparel Connexion will collaborate along with Canadian schools to ensure that students have the
education and training needed to ensure their success as the next generation of fashion, apparel
professionals employed in the Canadian apparel industry.

“The Council is proud to be associated with a world-class company like Lectra to be able to
conduct high profile activities beneficial to the Canadian Apparel industry. This association
allows both the Council and Lectra to pursue the common goal of supporting the innovation and
creativity spirit of the sector,” Jean Rivard, Executive Director, Apparel Human Resources Council.

This agreement also allows the Council to continue to support The Apparel Supplier Confidence
Outlook Report — prepared by Milstein & Co Consulting Inc, a leading strategy consulting firm
to the sector. This study provides important insights into executive confidence on key issues such
as expected levels of sales, production, employment and investments in capital expenditures and
technology. “It’s a brief, but important report as it allows us to follow the quarterly trends and
perceptions ahead of the release of official statistics,” says Alan Milstein, Milstein & Co
Consulting Inc. “It also allows executives to get a sense of the mood out there on a timely basis.
With such wide distribution, it certainly is an important study made possible with support from
sponsors such as Lectra.”

“As a leading global organization, Lectra is committed to the development of the apparel
industry and its professionals along with the preparation of students for life-long careers in
apparel,” commented Roy Shurling, President of Lectra North America. “Lectra, therefore works
closely with industry and educational organizations that align with this goal, and we are pleased
to be working with Apparel Connexion, which provides important research and innovation for today’s
apparel industry in Canada.”

Posted on December 6, 2011

Source: Lectra/Marketwire