Löffler Sports Underwear Line Features Transtex Light

Löffler GmbH, Austria, now offers a line of sports underwear featuring Transtex light, a fabric
comprising moisture-transporting, hydrophobic polypropylene and South Korea-based Hyosung Corp.’s
creora® eco H-550 low-heat-set elastane fiber. The lightweight, single-layer fabric is knitted
using new knitting technology, and features larger ventilation holes and extremely flat and soft
seams for enhanced breathability and comfort. The underwear is suitable for wearing during moderate
to intense activity and in middle to high temperature ranges.

“We chose creora eco H-550 because of the fiber’s gentle touch and its energy saving
process,” said Reinhard Hetzeneder, marketing director, Löffler. “Combined with polypropylene it is
ideal to meet our high standards for moisture transportation, comfort and perfect fit.”

September/October 2011