Stoll Applies For New Knit And Wear® Patent

H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, has applied for a patent for the production of a plated Stoll
knit and wear® seamless sweater knitted in gauge E 7.2 with all needles on the CMS 730 T knit and
wear with additional beds. The process may be used to manufacture active sportswear; functional
clothing; or sport, color-plated versions for outerwear.

According to Stoll, the process allows the sleeves and body of the garment to be knitted
simultaneously, with shaping of the three parts achieved by widening or narrowing stitch groups by
goring at the edges or within the fabric sections. Where the sleeves join the body, the separate
pieces are opened, and all three pieces are knitted together as one tubular fabric.

The process uses the plating technique to form the fabric, while eliminating errors that can
occur during traditional knit-and-wear production. It also enables imitation of the side seams
using the purl stitch technique, thus improving the fit and comfort of the garment on the body, the
company reports. The process also allows a number of pattern options including single-jersey
jacquards; piqués; cables; long-sized stitches; lace-effect, floating-thread, tuck or cast-off
patterns; and knops; among others.

May/June 2007