Victoria’s Secret Tests For Snags With SnagPod®

KASnagColumbus, Ohio-based lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret — a segment of Limited Brands
Inc., also based in Columbus — is using England-based James H. Heal & Co. Ltd.’s SnagPod®
instrument to identify fabrics that are likely to snag.

The octagon-shaped SnagPod uses four snagging bars outfitted with pins that are inclined
forward in the direction of rotation to catch on the surface of a garment. Four fabric samples are
tested simultaneously through 2,000 revolutions in 30 minutes. The snagging-resistance tester is
available as an additional test chamber for Heal’s ICI Pilling Tester or a later generation of its
Orbitor pilling and snagging test system.

“With snagging, testing the correlation between test data and what actually happens in the
marketplace with existing test methods has proved difficult,” said Glyn Raven, textile manager,
Victoria’s Secret. “As we build a database, we hope to be in a position where we can relate
anecdotal performance at the customer level and data from the SnagPod so that we can continue to
deliver great products to the Victoria’s Secret brand.”

March/April 2006