Elevee Among First To Use ApparelMagic V10

Los Angeles-based fashion house
Elevee is among the first apparel firms to use the latest version of Glendale, Calif.-based Murphy
& Associates Inc.’s ApparelMagic software.

Version 10 is Web-based, allowing companies to share information and collaborate with
multiple locations. New features include additional support for in-store kiosks, barcode scanning,
visual, Web-based style catalogs; and a range of purchasing, manufacturing and inventory control

“Selecting ApparelMagic was one of the most important business decisions we’ve ever made,”
said Michael O’Brien, CEO, Elevee. “Thanks to the personal attention of the ApparelMagic staff and
the inherent flexibility of the ApparelMagic program, we have increased productivity ten-fold and
have experienced a tremendous amount of cost-savings.”

November 2005