Tullahoma Develops Fabric Using AF&Y’s Innova® Yarns

Tullahoma Industries LLC, Tullahoma, Tenn., has introduced Outerbounds, a line of high-performance,
double-sided terry fleece fabrics made with Innova® performance yarns from Chapel Hill, N.C.-based
American Fibers & Yarns Co.

The fabrics are stain- and fade-resistant, bleach-cleanable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying,
lightweight, breathable and antimicrobial.

According to Tullahoma, the new fabrics weigh 22-percent less, provide better durability and
feature more thermal retention when compared to branded polyester fleece products.

“This application of Innova technology is the most significant advancement for the fleece
market in recent years,” said Mike Williams, manager, product development, Tullahoma. “The test
results are tremendously impressive and we are eager to see the reaction when consumers get their
first opportunity to see these products.”

Targeted to apparel and home textiles, the new fabrics come in three weights temperate,
alpine and arctic to provide consumers with a range of comfort and warmth levels.

October 2005