Schoeller Opens Sales Office In Turkey

Schoeller Textil AG, Switzerland, recently opened a new sales office in the International Textile
Center near Istanbul, Turkey. Schoeller Turkey Ltd., under the leadership of newly appointed CEO
Ahmet Sozer, will focus on representing Schoeller’s fabric collection. Special emphasis will be
placed upon the outdoor, sports, sportswear and casual apparel sectors. The office also will work
to promote Schoellers finishing capabilities, such as 3XDRY® which, when applied to garments, keeps
the wearer cool and comfortable by providing a breathable, soil-resistant and water-repellent
barrier on the outer face of the fabric, while transporting perspiration from the inside of the
fabric to evaporate on the outer face.

Schoeller’s 3XDRY® fabric finish technology provides a water-repellent barrier on the outer
face of the fabric.

“In terms of clothing exports, Turkey is in third place worldwide behind China and Italy, and
intends to continue growing,” said Hans-Jurgen Hubner, CEO, Schoeller Textil. “This is why we want
to be closer to the source of this steady flow of goods. Schoeller Turkey should be able to grow in
step with the ambitious objectives of the country itself.”

August 2004