Consoltex Develops New Fabrics

The Performance Fabrics Division of Consoltex Inc., headquartered in Quebec, has developed
new stretch fabrics for its S3 Technologies line, and also has created new fabrics using
Wilmington, Del.-based INVISTA Inc’.s T-400 stretch polyester fiber.

The stretch fabric offerings of the S3 Technologies product range also includes new four-way
stretch double-faced fabrics. Targeted to the technical outdoor apparel collections of such sports
apparel producers as Patagonia, REI and Mountain Equipment Co-op, the new fabrics have a nylon
abrasion-resistant face and moisture-management polyester back; are wind-resistant and breathable;
and are coated with a Super Water Repellant finish, which, according to Consoltex, is five times
more durable than other water-repellent finishes.

Consoltex’s new T-400 fiber fabrics feature such properties as abrasion resistance, lasting
recovery, relaxed stretch and low shrinkage, according to the company.

February 2004