Fasturn Initiates Operations Network For Apparel Trade

Fasturn Inc., Los Angeles, has launched its Operations Network (OPN) to enable apparel retailers
and manufacturers to facilitate and streamline supply-chain management. The OPN software solution
combines advanced process management techniques with electronic communications for any business
function.Fasturn developed OPN after identifying the primary challenges that have led to industry
profits being reduced by one-half to two-thirds over the last several years. The company visited
key countries in the apparel sourcing chain and interviewed apparel retailers, manufacturers and
suppliers. Upon defining the problems and causes, the company collaborated with Accenture, PwC,
KPMG and Kurt Salmon Associates on various projects to determine the aspects of an effective
solution.The industrys supply chains are complex, multi-layered and subject to change with each new
season and style, according to Fasturn. Not surprisingly in an industry that has focused primarily
on design, promotion and site selection to gain market share, the problem was found on the
operational side of the business, said William Seagrave, CEO. Our Operations Network was designed
to help solve these challenges.By using the Internet and other such technologies, OPN users can
plan and view the entire supply chain for each style to be ordered. Internet use eliminates the
need by each supplier for investment, an advantage that Fasturn claims is particularly important in
light of the number of suppliers in the chain and the frequency with which they change.OPN features
include: coordination of schedules and tasks; two approaches management by exception and management
by key criteria; proactive monitoring of activities; and executing the supply plan.

November 2001