Fashion And Technology Shows Student Work

Italy-based Nylstar recently hosted the 12th edition of Fashion and Technology in Florence, Italy.
The event had as its theme Metropolitan Nomad and presented the work of design students from 11
European and American fashion schools.Umberto Rognoni, marketing director, Nylstar, said the theme
highlights a type of fashion suited to the new type of consumer, young at heart and not just in
age. Mobile nomads, searching for new sensations and new places to explore. looking for
lightweight, easy-to-care-for, comfortable, multipurpose and versatile garments for all climates
and occasions, which may be stowed in a knapsack, and obviously are beautiful to wear.Students used
fabrics made with Nylstars Meryl® brand fibers and Elityarns and supplied by major European textile
and spinning mills.Participating schools included Institut Frans de la Mode, Paris; Fashion
Institute of Technology, New York City; Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom; London College
of Fashion, London; Esmod, Paris; Polytex, Czech Republic; Escuola de Artes y Tecnicas de la Moda,
Spain; Deutsche Meisterschule fur Mode, Germany; Polimoda, Italy; Instituto Marangoni, Italy; and
Accademia Koefia, Rome.

September 2001