Easy Set Lycra Introduced For Ready-To-Wear And Intimates

Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont Apparel and Textile Sciences (ATS) presents Easy Set Lycra®, a new
elastane for circular knit and woven fabrics. Easy Set was specifically designed for use in
conjunction with heat-sensitive fibers such as cotton, rayon, wool, nylon and Tencel®. Fabrics made
with Easy Set can be heatset at lower temperatures than those made with standard elastanes. In
certain blends, such as nylon/Lycra or wool/Lycra, this translates into fabrics with clearer colors
and whiter whites.DuPont partnered with more than 30 Lycra Assured mills around the world to test
and refine Easy Set Lycra. By involving our Assured partners early on in the process, we were able
to greatly increase our speed to market and provide our development partners with significant
lead-time, said Greg Vas Nunes, president, ATS Ready-to-Wear.According to Robert Kirkwood,
director, Global Ready-to-Wear, the initial Easy Set product will be targeted toward staple blends.
Another version, optimized for use with filament fibers, will be introduced later this summer. In
addition to ready-to-wear and menswear, we expect the Easy Set Lycra products will offer
significant advantages in intimate apparel, particularly in molded garments where loss of whiteness
has been a real issue, Kirkwood said.

June 2001