Jiangsu Sunshine Group Installs GERBERsuite Line

China-based Jiangsu Sunshine Group has entered into a joint venture with Italy-based Corneliani.
Under the terms of the agreement, Jiangsu Sunshine Group will manufacture 250,000 mens suits per
year under the Corneliani name for sale throughout the provinces of Shanghai, Beijing and
Nanjing.To support this venture, Jiangsu Sunshine Group has installed the GERBERsuite line of
solutions from Gerber Technology, Tolland, Conn. This includes two GTxL Gerber cutters, a DCS 3500
conveyorized cutter, a 122-station Gerbermover for automated assembly and two Gerberspreaders with
the Gerbersaver Flaw Management System.The Jiangsu Sunshine Group employs cutting-edge technology
for the manufacture of textiles, explained Steven Tang, Gerbers regional vice president for Asia
Pacific. Now, they have chosen state-of-the-art technology for their very high-quality mens suit

February 2001