Thermoadhesives For Wrinkle-Free Seams

France-based Protechnic introduces a thermoadhesive polyethylene film and a copolyester web that
make it easier for manufacturers of wash-and-wear shirts to achieve wrinkle-free seams.The 1/4-,
3/8- and 1/2-inch-wide tapes are inserted into seams of collars, pockets, armholes, cuffs,
buttonholes, side seams and yokes while the shirt is being sewn. Once in place, the thermoadhesive
is activated by heat when the shirt is pressed. Because the polyethylene films and copolyester webs
are totally unaffected by the laundering process, the seams remain flat and undisturbed every time
the consumer washes the garment.

January 2001