Johnston Industries Forms Marketing Partnership

Johnston Industries Inc. (JI), Columbus, Ga., has established a home decorative furnishings
strategic relationship with Covington Industries, New York City. Under the agreement, Covington
will assume responsibility for the styling and merchandising of the decorative woven products
formerly sold under the Wellington Sears and Southern Phenix brand names.

“This arrangement is a tremendous step forward for Johnston and our customers,” said Harold
Harvey, president, JI Fabrics. “It plays into our strengths and allows us to redirect our efforts
into what we are especially good at — manufacturing. Our home furnishing customers will see
continuity in our core offerings, coupled with improvements that only an organization like
Covington can provide.

“In addition, this takes us out of direct competition with many of our greige decorative
upholstery fabrics customers, which I believe will have a positive long-term impact on those
important relationships.”

Abby Gilmore, president, Covington Industries, said: “The partnership with JI fabrics is a
further step in our strategy to broaden the range of products that the Convington Group can offer
to our diverse customer base.”

April 2000