AAMA Announces Agreement Between The US And The EU

The American Apparel Manufacturers
Association (AAMA) Washington D.C., announced that according to the Committee for Implementation of
Textile Agreements (CITA), a change in the importing policy of cotton products between the United
States and the European Union (EU) has occured.

According to CITA, if certain cotton products are made in the EU from fabric dyed and
printed in the EU, regardless of the origin of the fabric, a single visa may be used, to cover
multiple shipments, as long as the total quantity of imports entered does not exceed the amount on
the visa.

For the products to qualify, they must have undergone two or more finishing operations in
the EU. These operations include: bleaching, shrinking, fulling, napping, decating, permanent
stiffening, weighting, permanent embossing or moireing.

February 2000