Textured Yarn Association Elects 1999-2000 Officers

The Textured Yarn Association of America Inc. (TYAA), elected officers at is annual summer
conference, held recently in Myrtle Beach, S.C.John Amirtharaj, Cookson Fibers Inc., was elected
president. Charlie King, Wellman Inc., and Robert Howell Jr., Dillon Yarn Corp., were elected vice
president, technical.Jim McBride, Henkel Textile Technologies Inc., was elected vice president,
membership; Mark Hubbard, Wellman Inc., was elected vice president, publicity, publications and
archives; and Jerry Eskew, Day International, was elected vice president, conventions.Board members
are Emory Stiner, Burlington Industries; Tony Dotson, OMara Inc.; Richard White, MillikenandCo.;
and Chas Scott, Unifi Inc. Jerry King, MillikenandCo., will continue to serve as executive

September 1999