Lectra Systemes Acquires Colorado International

Lectra Systs, Paris, recently announced the acquisition of Colorado International Haute Tension,
Paris, as part of strategic moves Lectra has taken to consolidate its position in the global
Computer Aided Design (CAD) market for textile related industries.Colorado was founded in 1985, and
is a pioneer in the development of CAD systems for dobby and Jacquard weaving, for the fashion,
apparel, upholstery and textile industries. In 1998, the company reported revenues of approximately
FFr 7 million, mostly representing sales of software licenses and services. The company has
approximately 1,500 licenses installed and 640 customers worldwide, including brands like Yves
Saint Laurent, Cerutti, Milliken, Boussac, DMC and Lapallud.According to Lectra, the cost of the
acquisition is between FFr 6 and 10 million, depending on results for the period 1999-2002, FFr 4
million of which will be paid for with Lectra Systs stock.In other news, Lectra Systemes S.A. de
C.V., Mexico City, has been selected by the Camara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido (National
Apparel Chamber) as the CAD/CAM partner to its new Apparel Technology Center. The demonstration
facility at the center will operate Lectras Total Apparel CAD systems for fashion design, pattern
design, grading, marker making, costing and specifications, and well as cutting room planning and
scheduling.According to Lectra, the value of the technology it installed at the center is more than
$130,000.”One of the main objectives of the Camara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido is to
become an advance institution in reference for the training process in the apparel sector,” said
Alberto Dana, president of the Camara Nacional. “For that reason, we are proud of being the first
Institution of Central America with a training center in CAD/CAM technology.”

September 1999