Lectra Launches Newest Version Of U4ia Software

Computer Design Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lectra Systems, Marietta,
Ga., recently released the newest version of U4ia® (Euphoria) software U4ia 5.0.The new software
features LAB color capabilities. LAB color is an international scientific color standard, based on
the physical spectral data the human eye can see.Users will be able to communicate real numeric
values for specific palette colors that production color kitchens will be able to reproduce, the
company says.U4ia 5.0 now houses several new brushes and brush effects. Users may retrieve favorite
combined settings to achieve desired effects or choose from popular natural media effects like
chalk, pencil, marker, crayon and impressionist.Major enhancements to the yarn functions provide
users realistic yarns for use in yarn-dyed woven fabrics, the company says. Also, new rendering
enhancements give customers more realistic yarn-dyed fabric images shortening approval times and
reducing sample making throughout the fabric development process.
Circle 315.

August 1999