Textile Marketing Challenges In A COVID-19 World

By Jim Borneman, Owner & Publisher

In March 2020, the world changed — people were forced to drop everything, shelter in place and rise to the challenges of the then unknown realities brought about by the COVID-19 virus.

Prior to the pandemic, marketing in the textile industry had grown to be very tradeshow-, seminar- and meeting-focused. Those events largely drove the editorial focus of Textile World, Textiles Panamericanos and Textile World Asia’s editorial planning.

Many advertisers used print and electronic media offerings to announce their participation in events, drive traffic to their booths and promote their investment in the personal selling event experience.

As of fall 2020, planning for 2021 is proving challenging for editors, publishers and advertisers alike. Textile Industries Media Group will continue its focus on each of the manufacturing sectors of textiles — from fiber through finished products — as well as business, trade and executive profiles of interest to subscribers.

Each issue will contain a sector focus —spinning; knitting; weaving; dyeing, printing and finishing; nonwovens; and man-made fiber — with the remaining content balanced by such topics as sustainability, composites, automation and smart fabric technology.

TextileWorld.com will continue to focus on capturing relevant daily textile industry breaking news, which will be distributed to subscribers of the TW weekly e-newsletter.
There currently are 16,690 posts of news and articles on TextileWorld.com; and on an average workday, 10 new posts are added. The website draws close to 70,000 pageviews per month, and the TW e-newsletter circulation exceeds 18,000 subscribers each week.
In a way, the textile group is very lucky to have built and fortified robust textile media offerings at a time when selling and marketing within the global textile industry has grown challenging.

As people and companies experiment with virtual offerings, deal with the frustrations brought by a lack of human contact, and wait for face-to-face events to reemerge, TW, TPA and TW Asia continue to provide high-value print and electronic media offerings for advertisers of all means.

Whether a low-cost, electronic media-only campaign or a fully-integrated multi-title print and electronic plan, the Media Group’s sales staff has a full tool bag to make best use of your marketing budget for maximum reach to textile readers.

On the editorial side, please keep the editors aware of your activities — such as staff changes, new products, new plant and equipment, and investments — news relevant to the global textile industry. Your participation helps editors bring significant information in a timely manner to a very engaged and loyal readership.

Thank you for taking the time to investigate the Textile Industries Media Group print and electronic media marketing solutions. As the textile industry tries to make the best of a new COVID-19 sales and marketing environment, please let our sales staff assist you to get your message to the industry in an efficient and cost-effective way.

November/December 2020