Panda Biotech Celebrates The Grand Opening Of The Panda Hemp Gin Of Wichita Falls, Texas

WICHITA FALLS, Texas — June 13, 2024 — On Wednesday, June 12, Panda Biotech, along with Panda Hemp Gin equity partner, The Southern Ute Indian Tribe, celebrated the grand opening of its Wichita Falls, Texas industrial hemp facility. Friends and colleagues from around the world gathered for an official hemp denim ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebratory barbeque lunch inside of the 500,000 square foot Panda Hemp Gin facility in the heart of Wichita Falls. Ceremony speakers included Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce CEO Ron Kitchens, Panda Biotech President Dixie Carter, Panda Biotech Chief Operating Officer Scott Evans, Southern Ute Indian Tribe Chairman Melvin J. Baker, and Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

(L to R) Panda Biotech Chief Operating Officer Scott Evans; Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce CEO Ron Kitchens; Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller; Southern Ute Tribe Chairman Melvin J. Baker; Panda Biotech President Dixie Carter; Chairman and CEO Robert W. Carter; Janice Carter; Executive Director of Southern Ute Growth Fund Shain Seibel. Photo — Shana B.

Panda Biotech President Dixie Carter opened the ceremony noting Chairman and CEO Robert W. Carter’s astounding vision to build a large-scale, top-tier processing facility here in the United States for domestic industrial hemp decortication. Bob Carter’s signature “no excuses” leadership style inspired the Panda Biotech team to persevere through a number of challenges including a global pandemic to arrive at this momentous day.

Noteworthy guests included Paul Guez, long-considered the “father of denim” who launched the first brand of designer jeans with his brand Sasson, as well senior executives from the world’s largest textile spinning mills, textile importers and exporters; regional agriculture leaders and producers; members of the esteemed Southern Ute Tribal Council; Mayor Tim Short and other city officials.

“We will lead the nation in industrial hemp!” proclaimed Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller with Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce CEO Ron Kitchens adding, “Today, we celebrate the courage of entrepreneurs who said over and over again, we believe in you, Wichita Falls.”

With the ability to process 22,000 pounds of hemp fiber per hour, the Panda Hemp Gin is the largest industrial hemp processing facility in the Western Hemisphere and second largest in the world.

Posted: June 15, 2024

Source: Panda Biotech LLC