Leigh Fibers Buys Martex Assets, Forms Revive Fiber

Leigh Fibers, Wellford, S.C., has purchased the operating assets of Martex Fiber. The business will be rebranded as Revive Fiber and will operate as a separate, but related, sister company to Leigh Fibers under a joint management structure. The companies operate several production facilities in South Carolina and one in Brownsville,Texas, with a focus on textile recycling. All products will continue to be manufactured in the United States to support industries in North and South America, as well as Europe.

“The acquisition of these assets will benefit customers of both com-panies,” said Daniel Mason, co-owner of Leigh Fibers and Revive Fiber. “While the companies will remain separate, we have broadened and deepened our resources, improving our capabilities and expertise. Nobody else can provide the same breadth of products from recycled fibers, eco-friendly chemistry, toll manufacturing, and nonwoven solutions. Sustainability is core to who we are.We’re passionate about developing green solutions that are good for profit and the planet.”

March/April 2024