Alliance For European Flax-Linen & Hemp: A New Scheme For Italy

PARIS — January 30, 2024 — In the context of new climate challenges, consumer expectations and regulations on ecodesign, European Flax-Linen is leveraging the sustainable transition in fashion and lifestyle.

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp is focusing its development on a strong ambition: turning European Flax-Linen and Hemp into the premium sustainable fibres of choice around the world, a strategy focused on three jointly agreed upon main areas:

  • Expanding the Flax-Linen and Hemp ecosystem
  • Becoming an innovative and sustainable international reference point
  • Ensuring quality and embodying desirability

The Alliance Is Strengthening Its Positions In Italy

A champion of social and environmental causes, The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, the only agro-industrial organisation for European Flax™ and/or Masters of Linen™ certified European Flax-Linen and Hemp, also plans to:

  • Develop a B2B and B2C promotional strategy for European Flax-Linen in Italy in order to increase its visibility with the textile industry, brands and end consumers.
  • Become a reference point on European Flax-Linen when it comes to the economy, innovation, CSR, and regional promotion.

The Alliance’s New Representative in Italy: Guisy Bettoni – C.L.A.S.S

Giusy Bettoni

Based in Milan, Giusy Bettoni assumed her official duties of representing The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp in Italy in early January 2024. An expert on textile value chains, Giusy Bettoni has in-depth knowledge of raw materials and also specializes in CSR.

In 2007, she founded C.L.A.S.S (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy), an international eco-hub based in Milan that is promoting a new generation of fashion where a blend of design, innovation, communication, and responsibility are promoting more informed and competitive businesses capable of playing both an economic and social role. C.L.A.S.S supports the whole supply chain to trigger CHANGE in the system while activating VALUES that speak clearly to contemporary consumers. Thanks to her international network in the textile and fashion ecosystem, Giusy Bettoni is working together with designers and brands to support them in their sustainable development strategy.

Initially, the Alliance’s mission will be to meet all Italian players in the Flax-Linen industry to obtain all the necessary resources for creating an action plan for the Italian market with the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp and its members.

Ornella Bignami – Elementi Moda, the Alliance’s loyal partner in Italy, is now the training contact person for various textile, fashion, design, and lifestyle learning centres in Italy.

The Alliance has always spearheaded efforts to transfer knowledge about European Flax-Linen and textile Hemp to young people in order to create a virtuous dynamic in the industry. There is strong demand among fashion, architecture and design schools for teaching new generations about the advantages of Flax-Linen, a plant fibre of the future.

Giusy Bettoni is now the main contact point for the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp in Italy.

Posted: January 30, 2024

Source: Alliance For European Flax-Linen & Hemp